Frequently Asked Questions

What are the icons on each product?

The icons that are on each of the assets is to help you figure out if the files will work with your animation software and workflow. If your image editing software doesn’t open Photoshop files then some assets won’t work for you also.

If you don’t use CrazyTalk Animator, then some characters and props won’t work for you.

If you are using Adobe Character Animator, Moho or any of the other 2D animation program that is out there then you may just want to look at the scenes and props.

This icon is to indicate there are Photoshop files in the asset pack.

This icon is to indicate there are PNG files in the asset pack. Most likely to give the asset a transparent background.

This icon is to indicate there is at least one MP4 video file in the asset pack.

This icon is to indicate that the character is a CrazyTalk Animator character.

This icon is to indicate there are CrayTalk Animator character accessory files in the asset pack.

This icon is to indicate there are CrazyTalk Animator prop files in the asset pack. Either animated, static or both.

Why do I have to create an account?

The reason I opted to have customers create an account is to make things easier for you and me.

An account makes it easier for you when you return to either buy more assets or to track down and re-download something you have already purchased.

I’m just a ‘one man band’ here and giving the customer access to past downloads and easy purchasing cuts down on some of the support I need to give, taking me away from creating new products.

What can I do with the license on your products?

This is a frequently asked question which doesn’t have a short answer. So I’ve set up another page to answer it…licensing information here.

Do you do commission characters and backgrounds?

Thanks for asking, yes I do. But of course, these things can take a while so it all depends on how much other work I have on my plate.

Shoot me a message, through the little messenger bot in the bottom right corner, I can let you know if I can fit your project in.

Here’s how things work… I  do the characters (only for CrazyTalk Animator/ Cartoon Animator at this stage) in my Cast and Crew style (or whatever other styles I currently have in the store) to whatever theme or ethnicity you like for $150US each, I keep the rights so I can sell them on my store also. If you want the rights so no one else can buy them it’s $500US.
If you want a different style of character let me know and we can discuss it more.

The backgrounds work the same way, $400US and I keep the rights or $900US and no one else can buy them.
These are created as 3D scenes and rendered out, then layered so your characters can interact with elements eg. move behind a tree. Take a look at some in the store.

Do you offer discounts for multiple purchases?

At this stage, I don’t offer discounts for multiple purchases… It’s just a buy what you need when you need it kind of setup.
I do occasionally have sales on certain packs or themes. So your best bet to catch those is to like the Facebook Page and Instagram and keep an eye out.

They are also great places to see what I’m working on and what’s coming up next.